Efficient rock removal solutions in Port Stephens

At BMI Power & Civil, we’re all about breaking down obstacles between you and an on-time and on-budget project. Our excavators and skid steers are fitted with modern hammer and drill tools, which quickly cut through or break apart any hard material.

Remember to contact our team for exceptional rock removal services. We can travel to sites anywhere in the Hunter region and as far as Campbelltown for sizeable projects.


Before you start any construction, make sure your foundations are dug deep with our drilling services. Our high-speed drills cut far into the earth with very little affect on the surrounding area. This precision method is incredibly useful for any underground installations, such as cabling or pipelines.

Although these attachments are mainly used on granite, sandstone and other rock materials, they can easily cut through reinforced concrete and asphalt with ease. This makes them ideal for drilling holes to be used as foundations for piers, power poles and signs.



If there’s a sheer rock wall or large boulders in your way, rock hammering is the most efficient way to remove it. This extremely powerful hydraulic device will quickly break down any rock into small fragments that can be easily hauled away. It’s important to note that hammering isn’t as precise as rock drilling, so it is more suited to large-scale excavation and concrete demolition.

For smaller rocks, or those in difficult to reach areas, we can use our skid steers and tippers to clear them from the site first.